Hard crash at the European Championships 2019 in Alkmaar (NED)

On Wednesday, August 7th, I set off for Munich Airport. In the afternoon the plane started for Amsterdam, because on Friday my first European Road Racing Championship took place in Alkmaar. We had 11 laps and therefore 115km to master on a very winding, flat and technically demanding 11.5km city circuit.

Shortly before the half of the race I was perfectly positioned and in a good starting position until there was a heavy fall on the key part of the circuit, a 1km long cobblestone section. I crashed head-on into a traffic sign pole at very high speed and unfortunately had to give up the race 25km later due to injury. I'm lucky that I didn't suffer more damage than large abrasions on many parts of my body, bruised ribs and a bruise on my right forearm, but the healing process should take a few weeks. Of course, it is a pity to keep your first European Championships in such memories, but I will fight my way back and one day override these memories with much better ones. I promise.

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