• Leslie Luehrs

Team training camp in Italy

Saturday, February 1st, I left the Service Course in the heart of Innsbruck early in the morning with my new team for the first joint training camp for the new season towards Italy. Towards evening we finally arrived at our hotel for the next ten days in Grosseto in southern Tuscany. The plan was first a four-day training block, then a rest day followed by a three-day block. The climate was really excellent. The training temperatures ranged from 17 to 20 degrees, only towards the end it got slightly cooler. We did several tests and intervals at the beginning with our Head of Performance and towards the end we had rather long and therefore calmer training sessions.

All in all, the training was very valuable and has been a good preparation for the season, because the start of the season is not a long time off, less than a month to go. Now I'm going home for a few relaxed days, before I fly to Mallorca with a teammate for 11 days for the final touches. See you soon then!

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